Together We Stand Read-a-thon


One-Year Anniversary Read-a-Thon!

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since Together We Stand launched.

This is a series that left me wondering if I would ever write anything that dug it’s claws into me the way these characters did. The Brooks Family stole my heart from the beginning.

It’s based on Anna Maria Island, Florida where I lived for the last 5 years before my current move to Orlando.

It’s dark at times.


It’s about hope, forgiveness, and new beginnings all while surrounded by dangerous situations that are unfathomable.

And it’ll shatter you in so many delicious and mind-blowing ways.

Every sibling gets their Happily Ever After and poetic justice. I’m not sure if I’ve ever rooted for a family so hard to get what they so desperately deserved.

I hope you all take part in the Read-a-thon starting June 15th – August 1st. There are 6 books in this series, all in KU. You can binge as quick as you want. Since it’s one of the most gorgeous islands on Earth, it’s the perfect summer reading:)

The prizes: Autographed paperbacks, Maggie Swag, etc. I’ll host a live in my Romance Addicts readers group (scroll below for link to join). Date and time TBD (after Aug. 1st). I’ll announce the winners in the group and also add it to my newsletter. If you’ve not joined, you can sign up here:

Here are the deets!

In honor of The Together We Stand Series having its book birthday July 14th, we are hosting a series Read-a-Thon from June 15th-August 1st! That’s 6 weeks to read 7 books, what’s the 7th book you ask…

If you read Vicious Protector (Mafia Wars book 4, available 7/1) you can earn points as well!

For every book you read in the series there will be a quick question sheet to fill out. (6 questions about each book via google form). Filling out the form gets you one entry.

If you review the book on Goodreads, BookBub, and/or Amazon, you can add the links to your google form. You earn points for reading and each review, so each book can give you a max of 4 entries!

All forms must be filled out no later than August 1st.

You can also earn points from social media shares. See below!

Step One: Download the books. They are available on KU or to purchase as an e-book or paperback.


Step Two: Fill out the form. Each completed form is an entry. If you add reviews add those links to the form and earn extra entries.

Step Three: Not required but I’d love to hang with you!

Step Four: Not required but get 5 entries for each one of the following!