Content Warnings

The Auction and The Vow

This series is a dark romance that has graphic sexual scenes both in and out of Club Indulgence which may be disturbing to some readers.

Seeds of Malice and Thorns of Malice

This duet is a dark romance which may be unsettling for some readers. My characters Dax Carrington and Ivy Ford both evolve through this duet, however, this is not for the faint of heart.

Book one begins when they are in college. This first part of the duet is a college bully, dark billionaire romance. Book two takes place 10 years later and continues as a dark billionaire romance where Ivy is determined to get revenge for all Dax did to her.

Please note I said dark. 

Expect substance abuse, addiction, sexual manipulation, graphic and taboo sexual scenes including multiple partners, dub con, humiliation, bullying, revenge, and heart wrenching chapters.

If you don’t like dark romance, or any of these elements then I advise you not to read. I have faith you know your triggers.

I promise you that if you decide to read, Dax and Ivy will have their happily ever after. And both of them will redeem themselves in the end.

Thank you for reading (or not if it’s not your thing).