Vicious Protector

RELEASE DATE: July 1, 2021

Demons so deep they destroy us…
Every part of Adrian Ivanov is pure, unable to ignore, male virility. He’s arrogant. Protective. Sweet and intensely attentive. On rare occasions, outright vicious.
If only his soul wasn’t tortured over who he is and what he has become. He hides it all from me, proclaiming the truth will ruin us.
No matter how much I insist anything he confesses won’t deter my heart, his ghosts won’t allow him.
But they aren’t apparitions.
The present collides with the past in a dangerous and twisted game he doesn’t even know he’s a pawn in. It causes everything in our future to remain in jeopardy.
There’s a choice, yet nothing hard in life comes without consequences.
He’s my vicious protector…
”Vicious Protector” is the jaw-dropping fourth installment of the “Mafia Wars” series. It’s an interconnecting, stand-alone Dark Mafia Romance, guaranteed to have an HEA.

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Narrated by: Kelsey Navarro, Tim Paige

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