The Auction

RELEASE DATE: February 1, 2023

Dominant and twisted Riggs Maddon has one thing on his mind. Revenge. When his partner’s daughter steps into the line of fire, he’ll stop at nothing to obliterate her father and turn her into the pet she’s craving to become.

Destroying my partner became sweeter when his daughter stepped on stage at a charity auction.

But I don’t want her for a month.

I’m upping my bid to make her sign for a year.

Her strong will, independence, and defiant attitude toward her family indulges my carnal desires and need for revenge.

I’ll break her, train her, and turn her into the compliant woman she didn’t know existed within her.

Every second, she’ll be my pawn in the secret game of retaliation I’m going to win.

Then I’ll present my pet to all of L.A., including her father.

After our year is up, the damage will be done.

She’ll be free to go, and I’ll move forward with my life without her father, or anyone associated with him in it—including her.

The Auction is the first romance book of the Club Indulgence Duet. It’s a forbidden love, age-gap, dark billionaire romance with forced proximity and a potential unwanted marriage.

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Narrated by: Connor Crais, Ava Lucas

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