Illicit Monster

RELEASE DATE: October 2, 2023

My father sold me to his enemy.

He stole my innocence—right after he dressed me in white and made me vow to be his for all of eternity.

Now I’m cut off from my family.

Subjected to my husband’s warped rules and laws.

At the mercy of a tyrant who leers at me with green heated eyes until I beg him for things I shouldn’t.

Every day, I promise myself I’ll grow stronger and resist the urge to appease him.

It’s a losing battle I can’t win.

All I want is to love him, but I tell myself not to be foolish.

After all, a monster will never love.

He’ll only go deeper into his sinister ways.

Illicit Monster is book four of Mafia Wars Ireland. It’s an arranged marriage, enemies to lovers, age gap, dark mafia romance.

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