Illicit King

RELEASE DATE: May 1, 2023

Two enemy mafia families in a dangerous struggle for power. He thought it would be easy to deceive her. Once she learns the truth, the only answer is war. But what can two hearts do when they’re already entwined?

He wants to destroy my father’s throne. I should avoid him, but I can’t keep my hands off him.

Brody O’Connor is tall, rugged, and hell-bent on obliterating my family. He seduced me on purpose, and now I’m paying the price.

He’s my sworn enemy–part of a rival clan.

But no matter how much I try to shake him, or our heated encounters, I can’t.

Every step I take, he’s there, lurking in the shadows, studying me, waiting for any chance to undermine my efforts to become my father’s successor.

Brody says I’m naive–in the dark about Da’s true dealings. He’s screwing with my head.

Da is cruel, but he’s not capable of something so heinous.

Or is he?

If Brody’s right, then where does that leave me?

Where does it leave us?

Illicit King is book one of Mafia Wars Ireland. It’s a forbidden love, enemies to lovers, age gap, dark mafia romance.

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Narrated by: Wen Ross, Mia Madison

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